Free and Open Source Software (FOSS)

The founder of Mandolin Creek Village spent most of his career evangelizing Free and Open Source Software (FOSS), choosing to work on it almost exclusively since 1999. As such, the Village businesses want to give back to the many products, groups, and projects that have created and continue to maintain the software systems that we use every day.

FOSS Farm Events

Since all Village systems run FOSS, we realized that the Village could further cater to the people that create, develop, and maintain those systems.

Mandolin Creek Lodge may be rented in one-week blocks by organizations that support FOSS, for a number of different kinds of events:

These events seek to promote community building and bazaar processes.

Event Sizes

We have a "two vehicle" rule-of-thumb that determines the cost structure for our events:

  • two minivans: small events up to 12 people
  • two passenger vans: medium events up to 24 people
  • two buses: large events up to 150 people

During the wet and cold months, we produce mostly small events and a few medium events, minimizing traffic on our wet roads and grounds.

During the warm and dry months, we produce mostly medium groups and a few large events. Large events require significantly more coordination and advanced planning, but our packages should be cost-competitive with urban events.

Makerspace Policy

For relevant groups, we can offer our makerspace tools, equipment, and support during your visit. Those resources primarily serve our day-to-day farm and forest operations, but many of them only see occasional use. When they are free, makers may want to use them for their own projects.

Event Packages

We have developed a number of standard event packages to offer different activities, transportation, and meal options.

Farm Activities

The Village exists primarily to educate the public about connections between rural producers, the land, and our food system.

All event packages include guided farm activities: collecting eggs, milking the cows/goats/birds, mucking stalls, maintaining trails, and other chores must be performed each and every day. Available activities depend on the season and staffing schedules.

Guests are welcome to watch or pitch in and get dirty; folks learn in different ways, and we won't judge.

Local Food 

Each event package incorporates local food produced by Mandolin Creek Farm. For your group, this serves as a capstone experience for your stay.

Weekly Schedule

All events following a similar schedule:

  • Sunday: arrive at the Farm, check ins, Lodge tour, free time
  • Monday: orientation tour, free day or start hacking
  • Tuesday: hacking all day; after dinner, start a hackaton (w/ 2am pizza)
  • Wednesday: wind down hackthon in time for dinner
  • Thursday: more hacking, afternoon presentations
  • Friday: capstone event, more presentations (or hacking)
  • Saturday: free day for going to the coast or other activities... or hacking
  • Sunday: one last farm-fresh breakfast, final activities, and departure

Custom Packages

We can customize an experience for your group, but we expect that most groups will balance their time here between work and play. You can spend time pursuing outdoor activities or opportunities here on the Farm, take a trip to the coast to see the sites there, or visit Corvallis, Salem, or Eugene to visit local FOSS organizations and user groups.

Whatever your desired schedule, we want your group to take full advantage of the quiet surroundings of our farm and forest, advancing your projects by leaps and bounds while you are here.