About the Village

Information about the Village philosophy and mission.

What Is Mandolin Creek Village?

Mandolin Creek Village's mission is to govern the Mandolin Creek brand of businesses for the purpose of mutual creation and accumulation of wealth, while simultaneously promoting and coordinating community, outreach, and educational service with those businesses.

Mutual Profits

Above all, the Village is a philosophical experiment in free market capitalism. Its founder believes that success comes from creating opportunities where all participants have an equity stake in the business. With that premise, personal success flows directly from the success of the business.

Couple that with the notion that you should get out what you put in; if you do the work, you should get the rewards that you are due. That requires open and equitable methods of accounting for contributions, and the Village implements policies and procedures for accomplishing these goals.

Business Incubator

Mandolin Creek Village serves as a business incubator, enabling entrepreneurial individuals to start new official Mandolin Creek business ventures. These subsidiaries utilize the established resources and customers of our Core Businesses in order to allow skilled individuals to practice their trade without needing to bootstrap their business from scratch. At present, our plans include over 50 business opportunities that can be developed in parallel with the core businesses — if we can find the right people. We have ample room to grow here, and we have been investing in the infrastructure to make it happen.

Continual Improvement

Mandolin Creek Village businesses must implement quality management systems that manage all relevant policies, processes, and resources that are part of ongoing operations.

Community Involvement

Every Mandolin Creek business unit works to inform and serve the public about their work, through education, outreach and community programs. Mandolin Creek Village helps organize and coordinate those programs through its various Non-Profit Business initiatives.

Technology Infrastructure

Regardless of their nature, all of these businesses have similar needs when it comes to their day-to-day operations: office administration, web sites and email, marketing and sales, as well as countless other mundane-but-indispensable services. Mandolin Creek Village includes a variety of Support Businesses who have agreed to provide their services at a reduced price for Village members, but those very services themselves could offer new business opportunities within the Village.

At the foundation, Mandolin Creek Systems develops the Mandolin Creek System Helpers (MCSH). Developed in-house with the specific goal of serving the Village, the MCSH tools provide the technology infrastructure for the Village and all of its independent businesses.

Future Opportunities

Mandolin Creek Incubator has many more businesses in development, so contact us if you believe your skills would complement our mission.