Skilled Trades

About Our Skilled Trades Group

The Farm-To-Fork group  produces a variety of raw products that can be transformed by skilled craftsmen into masterful works of art and function. Likewise, the Village relies on these same skilled craftsmen to produce items that it needs to use.

As with our vision for Farm-to-Fork integration, we seeks to create a tightly-knit community of master craftsmen desiring to both practice and teach their trades, with the explicit goal of creating more journeyman and master craftsmen.


Mandolin Creek Makerspace provides space, tools, and other resources for creating a wide variety of new physical products. The following divisions share their resources when not otherwise being used.


Mandolin Creek Robotics can provide tools for building and repairing many kinds of small robots, including a workstation for fine electronics assembly and rework, a small CNC machine, and a 3-D printer (coming soon).


Mandolin Creek Foundry can cast parts of solid metal, using wet sand, investment, or other techniques, with the modern luxury of using the CNC machine or 3-D printer to create the required mold patterns.


Mandolin Creek Construction provides tools and equipment for constructing and maintaining portable and mobile structures, permanent agricultural buildings, and habitable structures for the Village.


Mandolin Creek Excavation operates the heavy equipment required to create new roads, grade construction sites, maintain ditches, build small ponds, and other laborious feats.


Mandolin Creek Machines maintains and repairs engines and the machines that use them.


Mandolin Creek Sign Company produces handcrafted wooden signs (not affiliated with the Village).