Mandolin Creek Academy

Information about Mandolin Creek Academy

About Mandolin Creek Academy

Co-located at the Farm, Mandolin Creek Academy provides introductory and continuing education with a focus on Skills for Rural Living.

Drawing from a pool of experienced instructors, we can offer workshops on subjects ranging from agriculture, forestry, homesteading, outdoor/survival, and skilled trades.

Most of our introductory and beginner workshops seek to cultivate new interest and hobbyist involvement on a wide range of topics, empowering a new generation of hobby farmers, ranchers, and other rural individuals.

Intermediate, advanced, and master classes can be developed once we receive sufficient demand. We intend to grow into an internationally recognized and accredited trade school whose graduates are among the most sought after in their fields.

Someday, the Academy may choose to seek legal non-profit status to obtain tax exempt status. In the meantime, we welcome private donations directed at accelerating our development and launch.  While such donations would not be tax exempt, they would be invaluable during this formative stage.